Bridging the gap between physics and society

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Today, society lacks awareness in the field of scientific research

Risking to spawn misconception about the content, context and mission of science.

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We will tackle this issue by


Supporting the public recognition of researchers within society

Teaching scientists how to improve their communication skills and competencies to interact with non-research-focused audiences

Interaction between research institutions and local/regional authorities

Making local and regional stakeholders active partners in the scientific endeavor

Raising interest of students in science and physics careers

Presenting frontier scientific ideas to stimulate and attract students to scientific careers

Tackling gender stereotypes in the scientific world

Showing role models of successful female scientists

Fostering equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion

Implementing recommendations, good practices and guidelines for increasing accessiblity in science

Highlighting the European dimension of the Researchers’ Night

Showcasing the European dimension of research throughout events organsied at national and international leves

We will highlight the role of researchers to


As a model role, to attract students to research

General Public

To show how as an individual, a researcher can contribute to the well- being and progress of society


To highlight how science can contribute to society and economic growth

The work of PICO will lead to the following results

Researchers’ night events

Hosted in 4 different countries (Greece, Italy, France and Spain) for 2 years

Guidelines for introducing EDAI

With recommendations on how to introduce Equity, Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusions in science

Educational portfolio

With resources and activities for the researchers at schools

Community engagement portfolio

With visual stories, lessons learned and recordings from PICO activities

We will engage

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