Founded in 1842, NOA is the oldest Research Centre in Greece and has long been used by the scientific community as the basis for astronomical, meteorological, chartographical and geodynamical measurements and observations in the more than 180 years long course of its history. It currently includes three research institutes: the Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing, the Institute of Environmental Research and Sustainable Development, and the Institute of Geodynamics. Each one of its institutes focuses on well defined and complementary research areas operating a number of facilities, such as telescopes and various sensing stations, located both in the Athens metro area as well as in various places all over Greece. Besides the long-term evolution of basic and applied research, NOA is committed to outreach and science dissemination to the general public through the operation of visitor’s centers, summer schools, seminars, popular magazines and other activities.

Role in the project

NOA contributes to all activities of PICO with emphasis on activities targeting to sensitive groups. It leads the Work Package on the Impact Assessment, focused on the development of tools to be utilized in all project activities to evaluate the adopted approaches and monitor the impact.